All assignments for this week's math will be out of the Math Journal and use Math Master worksheets to support each lesson.  All pages for your assignments are attached below.  Also, if you have your Student Reference Guide, you can use the pages listed in the upper right hand corner to help you.

In class we are working in Unit 5, which involves learning about fractions, decimals, and more!  Please refer to the links below in order to help you better understand the mathematical concepts we are learning about.  

Click on the purple links below for copies of math pages:

2/7:  Math Journal pgs. 124-125

Math Masters pgs. 127-128
2/8:  Math Journals pgs. 126-128Math Masters pgs. 129
2/9:  Math Journal pgs. 129-131
2/10:  Math Journal pgs. 132-133

2/13 & 2/14: Continue working on assignments from last week.  If you have completed this work please email me and let me know.
2/15:  Math Journal pgs. 134-136
2/16: Math Masters pgs. 130-131 (goes with lesson 5.3 )
2/17: Math Masters pgs. 132-133 (goes with lesson 5.4)

This is a link to some support and study links to our math textbook, "Everyday Mathematics."