Types of Sentences

For this week's Language Arts assignment we will be working on different types of sentences.  There are four basic types of sentences: Declarative, Exclamatory, Imperative, and Interrogative.  Please see the links below for assignments and online help with this lesson.

2/7:  Complete Online Lesson #2 and PRINT out or EMAIL me your score (click on the link below)
2/8:  Complete pg. 17 and 18 on Types of Sentences from the file below.
2/9:  Complete pg. 19 from the same file as 2/8.
2/10:  Complete simple sentences worksheets (see file below).
2/13 & 2/14: Continue working on assignments from last week.  If you have completed this work please email me and let me know.
2/15:  Compound Sentences Worksheet (click here)
2/16:  Compound vs. Simple Sentences w.s. #1 (click here)
2/17: Compound vs. Simple Sentences w.s. #2  (click here)

Online lesson #2:
Click here

Types of sentences pgs. 17, 18, 19:
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